Website & Email

We all know how important it is to project a good image. We can help you to create a simple but professional looking website very economically. Rather than use a cookie cutter website tool we create our sites using industry standard tools that will ensure all your content can be saved and reused should you need to change web hosts.

How does it work?

Once we have agreed to start work we will need to have a short meeting, about an hour should get the job done.   Before we meet though it’s a good idea to get your “ducks in a row”.  Gather together any advertising words, images, logos, testimonials etc.  If you you can put them on a memory stick that would be great but we can scan them if need be. Also have a think about the image you would like to project, perhaps find a website or two you like.

At the meeting we will first discuss your website address. We will need to register and pay for this name but don’t worry, we will do the hard bits.  Similarly we will also need to buy some web space to host the website.  Website name registry typically costs about £10 a year and website hosting about £5 a month.

Now we can start the fun bits…  Setting up your new professional email addresses!   Enquiries@…….    Sales@…….. Owner@…….     Whatever you want, you can have! We’ll even set up your mobile phone and computer there and then.

Next we will need to do the creative bit!  Web design.  Tell me the style you would like, show me some website you like… tell me what you want to say about your business.  We’ll take that away, along with your words and pictures and create a professional web site, just for you.


Here are a couple of sample websites we have created…

If you would like to do this yourself, there is nothing to stop you!  We have even written a free guide to help.  Please feel free to download your copy now.